MediaLab API v1.0


This page provides information regarding the API available for integrating MediaLab with your product.
Although we try our best to keep this document updated to the latest version, perhaps something is not working for you or you have something you want to ask us. In any case, feel free to contact us for assistance.

For integrating the API, we have an SDK available for PHP, which can be found here.

For a mixed set of example scripts, including Javascript, PowerShell and Bash, see the API toolbox here.


We provide 2 authentication workflows for our API. For more details, please visit the Authentication page.

  1. OAuth 2: OAuth 2 is one of the most commonly used API authentication workflows around these days.
    It is recommended to use the OAuth 2 workflow when you are developing an application for other users, based on our API.
  2. Private token: If you are developing a tool for yourself, a CLI-based tool, or just looking to play around with our API, a private token may be used.
    It grants full access to your personal account.

API Specification

The API specification is available in OpenAPI 3.1 format, please visit the Methods page.


We provide endpoints to easily upload files to our API. For more details, please visit the Upload page.


Code Description
400 Method not found. The requested API method does not exist.
Bad request. The syntax of the request is incorrect (for OAuth2 authentication).
401 Unauthorized. Either the token is incorrect or expired, or the requested data is outside of the scope of the client.
404 File or folder not found.
405 Method not allowed. The used HTTP method is not supported for this API method.


SSL - The API is only available over SSL.

UTF-8 - The default character encoding for all API methods is UTF-8.

Auth - The MediaLab API uses OAuth 2.0.

Help - Need help? Get in touch.